Adventures in Sheet Masking

Tony Moly Aloe Sheet Mask Front

Tony Moly I’m Real Aloe Face Mask Sheet

Hello Internet! I’m sorry I’ve been pretty absent lately. I just moved and the last few weeks have been insane, so I’ve had zero chance to blog. My living room is filled with boxes and post-moving debris as I type. But my makeup storage is set up (priorities, you know?) so I’d say I’m in good shape to get a new post up.

I’m pretty new to the sheet mask game, but I took a trip with a lot of long disatnce flying in August and figured I’d try one to combat flying-induced dry skin So I went for the Tony Moly I’m Real Aloe Face Mask Sheet. My skin isn’t normally dry (it’s usually combination with an oily t-zone) but one 4 hour flight + one 7 hour flight = super dry skin. And since I was taking a 10-day long trip where I’d be traveling non-stop, I wanted to take the time to treat my skin before we landed. So yes, I was that girl taking off her makeup and masking it up on a plane. If Chrissy Teigen can do it, so can I.

Tony Moly Aloe Sheet Mask

Tony Moly Aloe Sheet Mask

Sephora sells these in a 2-pack for $7.50. And if I’m honest, the fact I got two for that price instead of one for $8 like several other brands at Sephora was the deciding factor. The sheet is a little big for my face, but still fits well. I have a small face so it’s not exactly surprising that it would be a little big but I don’t think it takes away too much from the product. The coating for the mask smells refreshing but it’s very subtle and I don’t find it irritating. It stays on pretty well during the 20-30 minutes you’re supposed to leave it on and most of the product absorbs into your face during that time. I even left it on for 40 during my flight and there was almost no excess after that. Whatever is left over you massage into your face and then you’re done. My skin is left so smooth and soft and hydrated after using one of these, even after a ton of flying. I don’t experience any break outs and it doesn’t feel like there’s any excessive stickiness or heaviness leftover when I’m done.

I posted this picture of me in the mask on my Instagram a few weeks ago (are you following me? Why not? I’m @RiffRaffRouge), during a late night pamper session. Don’t I look I cute ridiculous? Pretty sure it was shortly after I came back from the trip. I had slacked on my skincare on the return trip home and this did a good job as a post-trip pick me up. I think I’ll keep a pack or two of these on hand through the fall and winter.

What other sheet masks should I look into?

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